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📖 Our Rules

In-Game Command: /rules
Please take the time to read through the following rules. Violating any of the rules listed below will result in warnings, mutes, and bans.
Allowed Mods List
This list states the only allowed mods on SNOWCRAFT:
▪️  Inventory/Mouse Tweaks Mods
▪️  Mini-maps (without Radar/Cave Finder)
▪️  All Badlion and Lunar/Feather Client Features
▪️  Aesthetic Mods (Shaders, Texturepacks)
▪️  Keybind Macros (For welcome messages, common help responses, and promotions only)

General Rules

General Rules
This list states the only allowed rules on SNOWCRAFT:
▪️  No Swearing (ban)
▪️  No Self Promotion (kick, and if u do it again u will get banned)
▪️  Dont Discriminate (ban)
▪️  Dont build Lag Machines (ban)

Ban Evasion

More Information
Evading an active ban by using an alternate account
Despite alt accounts already not being allowed, using an alt specifically to evade an active ban will result in a more severe punishment.
▪️  Dont use hacks (ban)
The Consequences
▪️  If you break any of these rules you will be banned or kicked,
▪️  repeating it one more time will get you banned or permanently banned!

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We are not affiliated with Mojang, AB.

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