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Survival - V1 Content Update

Mai 29, 2023

We have now updated to 1.19.4 - please ensure you update your clients!
New features may have bugs not found during our testing period, please 

report any you come across in our Discord.



Fancy cosmetics and more! Yes, you heard that right, we've added custom cosmetics to our survival server! With funny clown faces, cool clumsy cosmetics, backpacks and more /cosmetics!


Custom Enchants

Tired of the old enchantments? We've added new enchantments to the game

with cool and custom rewards /enchanter!

Enchant Menu

Land Claiming

Don't you like people demolishing your house or your area? We have land claiming in our server to avoid those things /claim!

Land Claiming

Custom Armors & Items

We've added custom armors and items into our server! You can buy the items with gems by typing the command /blacksmith!

Custom Armors & Items

Custom Seasons

We've added custom seasons into our server! Every season has different events and more!

Custom Seasons

SnowCraft Lobby Update

We've added the Lobby into our server!

SnowCraft Lobby

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